quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

Canine Ramblings

Argus is like any dog, or at least appears to be. In the morning wake up with their owners and will take coffee, not on the table as he wanted. His beloved owner gives milk to take every morning, he thinks she thinks he's faced some calf. Hence the dog is looking at the coffee, bread and butter, and then find that should also sip of black coffee and well done, it smells far. But being a dog means as Argus already know not to take coffee. For him coffee with milk is no coffee, bread with butter and milk only. So are the early days for the dog.
The name for Argus is not so important, he thinks, even though his name was the name given to the powerful craft of Ulysses and his Argonauts, the grace of the king of early on Algeria. Facts which carry more than the sands of time, to Argus is only one name. The name of one of the friends of this canine is Atlas, not really the ramblings thinks the other should carry the world on the back like the old Titan.
After taking his wonderful desejum, arrives in time to walk with his owner. Preparations are made, the little harness is placed so that the dog is taken to investigate the representations of the shares it owns, because it has on hand to further harness and therefore must find that the commands, something that Argus reflects the contrary, if so it would command their destiny. That men should be led by the middle? Or must be controlled by entities that do not know? Congruences for the Argus does not matter, whatever it is to walk.
On your ride more ramblings. Little sees the world so big and so small for its inhabitants more hostile, that they can only create wars to try to assert themselves as superior beings to their own. Such nonsense should not and can not be made, reflects the canine by its peaceful specimen. All they think is urinating Argus peacefully and enjoy your time more freedom.
The dog at home sees as its drivers are irrational, ie can read newspaper to know what to talk about other people, or take what they say simply. Remember that the linguistic system of men is complex and often long-winded without even the need, leaving themselves confused about the messages they want and should be passed. Argus also in the midst of his disgust Weighs as much as the largest in the chain do they want and where they can go to get everything they want.
Sacred time has come for everyone, maybe not the dog that knows how it may be weak dogmatizing themselves through supra-divine does not exist. All your prayers are, of course you think the dog does not make them to be dogs, but not different from that begs to be agnostic or possibly dying of hunger.
In his hours of rest Argus stumbles more misshapen thoughts of your kind should have. I wonder why the powerful, big and fabulous beings have a control socio-philosophical-religious-propagating and is akin to them. Is it important to have guides for stocks? Or a way to order is not known and who wants to be known? The dog does not really understand these events and the needs of men, as they are.
Most importantly for the great little dog is the arrival of the night because it is at that time one eats and sleeps clear that this is more finds in their owners, greedy by nature. Argus lies down and relaxes his short day, which actually was mentally long to remember once again that dog can not think or at least not like it.

Written by Thiago

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